Friday, 21 February 2014

Late arrivals from this month. 2 in a week for WTAB

Firstly I was stuck for ideas so sometimes coming up with a bad idea can help physically clear stress related blockage. This happened with the Robinson Crusoe pic.
Which in turn got me back on track to create firstly from the influences of the recent themes, Westerns and how I could update Gwangi from missing this opportunity to have done him in the Westerns theme. He first got updated to a crossover of his film and Fast and the furious. Then, I speculated where his story would go and decided people would repeat history (because I/We are lazy and have no original ideas, fair enough) and put him out as entertainment with a load of petrol heads. This seems more of a post-apoco concept though where human life is also ordained as sport. 1 each around 6hrs on two consecutive days.