Monday, 7 May 2012

At speed vs At leisure

The Weekly Art Blog only affords a certain amount of time to get things done. Firstly a good idea is the way to go and finishing it as strictly as possibly in the week that flies by is priority one. I've decided from now on, if I think the idea is reeally worth it to carry on after the deadline has finished and forward it closer to my original perception. Slowly closing the gap between speed for deadlines and original visions.

This one is Puss in SpaceBoots. You'll see how I really want it and what I have to make do with as a perception. Firtsly Weekly TAB version;
At Speed
And then the 2hrs or so needed after a few days stewing over the approach to get to my ultimate goal.
At  Leisure
And it's still unfinished. There another 20 ideas around line colour, fill colours, all round colouring , levelling and renderings that can be explored. More soon...